General Terms of Use of

Preamble membership is free. Basic category membership allows unlimited access to many functions. Premium membership that opens access to all functions costs €3.00 by single payment. Besides, Premium members get 10 % more profit. Der Premium membership and its single payment €3.00 are voluntary and financially support your and our network. We’ve been really glad about this small payment.

§ 1 General Information about (hereinafter Jugl) is a social network, on-line trade platform and search engine at the same time. It’s unique feature is that the user gets a reward for attracting new users and their future profits (for details see. § 3 d)). Main source of profit is mediation in making services and selling goods, as well making orders and selling (reward for deal). Next source of profit is creating and viewing user-oriented ads (for details see § 3), cc)).

Jugl membership is free and possible with no obligations. Jugl won’t require any fee-based subscription and won’t transfer users’ data to anybody.

Apart from free participation Jugl offers fee-based Premium membership that includes increased reward profit interest rate as a bonus (for details see § 3 d aa)). Besides, Premium membership provides access to some extra services.

Jugl has its own currency Jugls that Jugl-users can exchange to real money (euros) (for details see § 7).

§ 2 Use Conditions

Companies and private individuals can use Jugl. Minimum age for private individuals is to 12 years old.

One can begin using Jugl after registration at or via Jugl App on PC, tablet or smart phone. Using it requires Internet access.

To be registered one needs an invitation of a user made by an interested person at Jugl (for details see § 4).

§ 3 Distinctive Features

a) On-line Trade Platform An important issue of Jugl is its on-line trade platform. Here users can promote among one another products or services and sell them for Jugls. Alternatively, at the seller’s option a traditional means of payment is provided for.

By typing user profiles one can optimize ad types depending on the user’s interests.

Agreements at the on-line trade platform are made exclusively between the appropriate users and execution thereof are their sole responsibility. That’s why Jugl bears no liability for any agreement violations.

b) Social Network Another important component of Jugl is a social network with its Forum and Messenger (file exchange, communication).

c) Human Search Machine With the help of human search machine users can look for something either for themselves or for others as well as search for other users of ask others to search for themselves and take further requests.

d) Rewarding A unique feature of Jugl is a possibility for every user to earn rewards by the following means.

aa) Attracting New Users Attracting new users to Jugl is rewarded on long-term basis. From every bonus payment (invitation, ad, mediation, purchase bonus) a user gets 40 % or only 30 % (for Premium members) is deducted and 29 % is contributed for the one who invited the member. Difference of 11 % or 1 % (for Premium members) goes to Jugl.

bb) Invitation Bonus Jugl encourages users brining another user with an invitation bonus of 100.00 Jugls, if the brought user becomes a Premium member or just a user successfully verified his or her personality (per § 5).

Since the reward is taken from bonus-based profit, every long-term user benefits from every customer he or she has attracted and from every bonus payment to such user.

This model of payment doesn’t mean any illegal financial pyramid (e.g., according to Annex 1 of EU Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (2005/29/EG)) since, on the one hand, participation payment is not required and, on the other hand, invitation reward profit make just a small part of possible earning Jugl had a legal expertise of this activity.

cc) Viewing Ads for Reward Traditionally, a customer pays an advertiser money with a vague hope the ad shall reach right consumers. Jugl created an idea that a business person provides his or her ad only for those ones who according to their interests perfectly fit the ad target audience to reward them for active viewing ads. The ad owner’s advantage is that he or she pays for the ad as long as it is really viewed by the target audience. By setting a maximum budget ad owners can control their expenses.

Ad viewing bonus is indicated in ad. To avoid any abuse the bonus is paid only when a user views ad within the period specified by Jugl. To get the bonus the user shall click after the period expires a popup button.

dd) Other Deals Because of the on-line trade platform users can naturally benefit from traditional deals i.e. sales of products and services. If a seller provides a purchase bonus as an additional stimulus for a buyer or a user promises a bonus for a successful mediation in a deal (a mediation bonus), such bonuses in small amounts are due to many users for they are distributed the same way the reward is paid to the user that invited the one who earned a bonus and other previous users.

e) Currency The fixed exchange rate for Jugls is €1.00 for 100.00 Jugls.

f) Ratings Jugl has a publicly transparent deal rating system and team leaders’ invitation rating system (see § 4).

§ 4 Registration, Revocation Right

Registration at Jugl can take place only after one is invited by a Jugl user. For those who want to join, but have no invitation Jugl provides an invitation list. There Jugl allows some users (called team leaders) give invitations to applicants from the invitation list. Der A user receiving a payment from an applicant shall in turn care for reward possibilities for the invited user and inform him or her about how Jugl works. In return the leader is rated by the applicant. In a week after registration in invitation list a user can submit a request to change the team leader.

After invitation the registration can be made by creating an account. For that one needs to specify his or her mail address, e-mail, bank details, user name and password, for private individuals it is necessary to indicate first and last name and mobile phone number, birth date, sex, for companies – legal name (= company’s official name). Within the registration framework users can always correct their data. Before the end of the registration procedure the users see again the overview of the data they have indicated and can make corrections/amendments here. Besides, even after the registration is over the users can edit their account data.

Jugl checks registrations and can decline them even without explanations .

The accuracy of e-mail addresses according to laws shall be checked by confirmation messages. After the registration the user receives an e-mail with a link to confirm the message is accepted. Thus it’s proved the e-mail really belongs to the applicant. Only then the registration can be finished.

If the registration is duly confirmed the user’s account is created and The applicant becomes a Jugl user. The user shall immediately make changes to his or her account, if there is any.

Jugl uncompromisingly forbids registrations with unauthentic data (hereinafter – false accounts). Also, multiple registrations are forbidden one person or entity can have only one account.

Since Jugl work requires having no false accounts and multiple registrations, the ban to create false and multiple accounts is supported by penalties.
A user that deliberately registered at Jugl with wrong date or incorrect data or created more than one account with correct data shall pay Jugl an agreed penalty which size is determined by Jugl and can be checked by a competent court as being adequate, but is at least €500.00. This amount is reduced proportionally to the compensation of damage to Jugl for a culpable conduct

Jugl is entitled at its discretion to demand during or after registration that user confirms his or her identity per § 5. In particular, Jugl makes this request judging from its experience when there are reasons to suspect an account is false.

Jugl users’ accounts are solely personal, they can’t be sold, transferred or inherited. If a user dies, the account belongs to Jugl and account assets can be paid to the user’s heirs on demand.

Revocation Right Consumer right protection European directives require an obligatory consumers’ revocation right in case of remotely concluded sales agreements. However, the revocation right can’t be applied to digital information delivery on non-physical media, if an entrepreneur began executing the agreement after the consumer agrees the entrepreneur begins executing the agreement before its revocation term expires and confirms he or she is aware of the loss of revocation right in case of consent after beginning executing an agreement.

Before a user clicks the registration button Jugl indicates that using it is possible only after the user clearly agrees to be provided with the service and confirms he or she knows of the loss of revocation right. For that reason registered Jugl users lose their revocation right. Still they have the right to reject an agreement at any time and with no explanations.

§ 5 Identity Confirmation

Identity confirmation can take place by mail, legal or notarial certification or, free of charge, by photos. In case of photos Jugl checks the identity of emailed or uploaded to account photo of a user with his / her ID or passport and a note with his / her last name in block letters and signature. ID and signature shall be well-seen in the photo and the ID photo shall match the user.

If there is an identity request from Jugl, a user’s account can be temporally blocked. If the user fails to pass the identity check within 8 weeks after Jugl’s request, Jugl has a right to terminate the agreement with the user immediately. § 6 para 3 acts appropriately. This rule is not applied, if the user violated the deadlines because of somebody else’s fault.

If a user’s account is edited, the identity verification loses its force.

For the contribution reimbursement in the forum the following is necessary:

In order to prove that the VideoIdent procedure has been carried out correctly, the user must create a video where he can be seen with a note (with the first- and last name + At the beginning of the VideoIdent procedure, the user is expressly requested to give his consent to the recording of the video. This video is then linked to the user's profile and can be viewed by anyone.

§ 6 Agreement Termination by User

Users can delete their accounts at Jugl with immediate action without indicating any reasons. Termination can take place only in writing by mail (e-mailed scans are also possible).

As regards accounts deleted earlier than 6 weeks after registration, Jugl is entitled at its discretion to revoke a bonus payment and every bonus payment made with this account.

To avoid destroying the reward system, after an agreement termination accounts are not completely deleted, but are managed by Jugl. The previous user’s data are no longer shown.

The account balance becomes void.

Users’ data unless laws require to keep them in particularly, tax laws, is either destroyed in case of the agreement termination, or blocked.

§ 7 Payments

Users are entitled to exchange Jugls at in lots of 5 000.00 Jugls (which corresponds €50.00). Jugl will transfer equivalent in euro to the bank account indicated in the user’s account. Jugl is entitled to take a fee for every payment in the amount of 5 %.

Sums lower than 0.01 Jugls can’t be seen at users’ accounts, but are accrued anyway. Sums lower than 0.00001 Jugls are not accrued.

Accruals and payments are made by JuglApp GmbH, Berlin. Payment is made within 30 days on demand.

In case of first payment to a user, Jugl will require identity confirmation of the user’s account.

if there is a suspicion the user has created one or more false accounts besides the genuine one, Jugl has the right to postpone the payment respecting this user’s account, until the accounts identity check is finished.

There is also no payment in the case when a user upon registration and first actions shows no more activity, but receiving rewards.

if the account balance is incorrect due to a technical error or is changed due to technical manipulations, Jugl is entitled to discard all the information including the accrued rewards.

§ 8 Jugls Purchase by Companies

Acquiring (purchase) of Jugls at Jugl is allowed for companies only. Bought Jugls are excluded from payments.

§ 9 User’s Liability, Forbidden Content

Users are allowed to place and make public at Jugl copyright contents/works if only they are sole owners thereof or have the rights to use. Users are not allowed to place or make public any content violating third parties’ rights (e.g., rights to trademarks, patents, developments, personal non-property rights). In case of any breach of the above-mentioned liabilities Jugl is free from any relevant justified claims of third parties.

Placing/making public any content with ideas of extremism, criminal actions, damage to a reputation, obscenities, pornography or other contents contradicting to all sober-minded people’s sense of decency is forbidden.

§ 10 Jugl Responsibility and Liabilities

Jugl clearly indicates that deals/orders made this web site are made exclusively between certain users. Jugl is only a mediator and therefore bears no responsibility for execution of agreements, in particular, for timely and/or complete order fulfilments and/or payments and/or ratings. Any relevant controversies shall be settled directly between the parties to an agreement.

Jugl pays your attention to the fact that content check is unnecessary. Possible reclamations will be examined at Jugl.

Notwithstanding the above-mentioned things, some law-enforced obligations are in force with the following amendments.

Damage compensation claims are excluded.

This rule is ineffective when an obligation that helps properly executing an agreement and that can be supposed to be observed constantly by the agreement counterpart (main agreement obligations) was breached or if Jugl or its duly authorized representative is accused in malignant action or gross negligence. No excuse of liability takes place in case of guilty infliction of harm to life and health and in case of a guarantee or promise of characteristics, assumed the guarantee or promise scope provides for a responsibility.

If obligation breach liability takes place and the obligations provide for the proper execution of the agreement and are constantly expected to be observed by the agreement counterpart (main agreement obligations), the damage compensation is not excluded, but limited with a typical contractual anticipated damage.

The liability is also limited in case of complaints according to Product Quality Responsibility Law. Guarantee or promise about enhanced or extra responsibility is active only as is, if terms Guarantee or Promise are clearly defined.

Jugl points out that according to today’s technological development there is no absolute protection from hacker attacks. Moreover, it should be noted that 100% availability of Jugl at any time can’t be technically possible. In particular, maintenance, safety and bandwidth capability as well as events outside Jugl’s control can lead to temporary faults. Granted, maximum possible safety is provided for.

§ 11 Deletion by Jugl

Although Jugl does not always check the platform content, the company is entitled to delete content temporarily or forever, if there is a justified reason to believe it is required by law and/or if the content demonstrates forbidden materials per § 9. This equally applies to ratings.

§ 12 Agreement Termination by Jugl

Jugl is entitled to terminate the agreement ahead of schedule immediately with immediate effect and immediate ban of use, if Jugl having considered every circumstance of a particular situation and the both parties’ interests cannot continue agreement relations before the agreed termination or before the end of the agreement term. Particularly, it can be applied to cases when users

  • lose their legal competence or ability to act and do not provide the consent of their legal representative;
  • illegally collect or transfer data,
  • provide wrong data,
  • provide their data to account to third parties,
  • place contents falling within § 9,
  • make fictitious business or money-laundering,
  • try to change or manipulate Jugl App;
  • create false accounts or have several accounts.

In every of these case every claim of any accrual or payment becomes void.

Moreover, Jugl can terminate the agreement any time having informed of that in 1 month.

§ 13 Data Protection / News Dispatch

Jugl uses its members’ data solely within the necessary for the deal aim amount. No data is transferred to a party that is not a part thereof.

The participants also undertake to use the data they obtain within the necessary for the deal aim amount and not to give it without others’ clear consent to third parties.

Users agree their last name, day and month of birth (not year of birth), Jugl account balance as well as a conduct during a purchase can be shown to other users. Otherwise, a user is entitled to change his/her data publication in his/her account settings.

The user clearly agrees that his /her account related data can be transferred to payment services provider executing ordered settlements Jugl.

Users get no ads they did not require neither though popup messages, nor by banners nor by any other means.

Jugl sends news to registered users according to § 7 para 3 of the German law Against Unfair Competition (UWG). Der A user can decline these news messages any time.

§ 14 Final Provisions

The validity of provisions is untroubled by any possible invalidity of separate provisions of these General Commercial Terms and Conditions.

The place of dispute settlement hearing, assumed the both disputing parties are entrepreneurs, shall be the location place of Jugl’s head office at the moment of the agreement conclusion.