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You're looking for entertainment. Advice and help from others. Need support.
Here you will find live streams of everything you are interested in. Take a look. Give the stream a gift or a Like, if you like it. Get direct support from experts - live and without any delay. Discover the world from home!

For live streamers:
Entertain the world, share your knowledge, help others. The world is full of good ideas.
Stream live and earn money. Get a big audience as a present or get called directly via video call and get charged for your services on a minute-by-minute basis. Start immediately and earn money in front of the camera.

For networkers:
The camera is not your friend - but you have many other friends? Then invite them to your Jugl network. With every new Premium Live member you build up a permanent income or earn money on your friends streams. Income through good contacts - start earning money on the side. is free!

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